How can children aged 3-6 be responsibly introduced to the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Media? 12 toolboxes for educational professionals provide answers to this question.

Each toolbox is based on questions from children interested in robots, such as: How does a robot think? Can a robot be my friend? What does a robot eat? The toolboxes provide methods, materials and media for activities that children can use to work on these questions.

The toolboxes are designed in such a way that they can be used quickly and easily in everyday kindergarten life. It is shown how materials and media already available in the facilities can be used for the topic of AI. It also shows how everyday play and learning activities of kindergarten children can be consciously integrated into this topic.

Some of the ideas in the toolboxes can also be applied for use by parents at home. For this purpose, the toolboxes offer suggestions for communication with parents.

How can I use the toolboxes?

Toolbox 1 provides an introduction to the topic "Application of Artificial Intelligence in Kitas" as well as to the application of Toolboxes 2-12, which can be used independently of each other.

Download Toolbox #01 as PDF

Toolbox 2-12 are available in three variants.

  1. Overview version
  2. Dowload version in PDF format as continuous text
  3. Download version in PDF format as foldable pocketbook

Click on the individual toolboxes below.

For a deeper understanding of the toolboxes, further information and sources such as films, links, application examples, please register on our eLearning platform. Here you will also receive information on how you and your team can familiarise yourself with the toolboxes and incorporate their application into your day-to-day work.

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Who can recognize a robot?

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Let us play robots

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How does a robot think?

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How clever is a robot?

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What does a robot eat?

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How does a Robot talk?

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Does a robot have feelings?

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Can a robot be my friend?

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How can a robot help?

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Where does a Robot come from?

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Let’s create a robot

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