Børneinstitutionen Holluf Pile-Tingkær

Holluf Pile-Tingkær is a public daycare center in Odense, Denmark. Holluf Pile Tingkær consists of 8 different Kindergartens/Nurseries, each with around 55 children in the age of 0-6 years, and each employing around 10 pedagogues.

For the Local Government of Odense, Digital formation and Robotic Skills as well as Language skills are some of the most important objectives for daycare and schools in the city.

Since we are ambitious on behalf of the children, all the daycare houses in Holluf Pile Tingkær work to implement IT technology as a natural part of learning activities. In our Kindergartens and Nurseries, the learning activities, that we create with the children, often apply technological and robotical devices that the children learn to master, as they are playing and learning.

We believe that, when you grow up in one of the world's robot cities, it should also be felt at child level.

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